Australia’s Future Submarine - A Partnership In Informed Debate

This conference is the nexus of informed debate for the public forum. The SEA1000 Australia’s Future Submarine Project is the biggest defence project in our history.

The public perception of the capabilities of the Collins Class submarine and the the ability of Australian Industry to design, build, maintain and to grow Australia’s naval ship building program is at an all-time low.

The public view of our current and future submarine capability is distorted, unbalanced and needs enlightenment to the ‘Australian Industry’.

The Australian public deserves to understand the issues surrounding the next generation submarine and its impact upon industry, sovereignty and security.

The design contenders, suppliers, industry partners and decision makers coming together to progress the debate of capability and competitive advantage is important. This is a key focus of this Summit.

The informing of the public to the issues in the procurement process and the correcting of misleading perceptions of both the Collins Class and of our capability to build next generation submarines is also a key focus.

This is an important debate that you need to be involved in, so Quick…”Jump on Board